Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time to create...

I want to give kudos to my writing instructor, Junebug for giving us an assignment this week. It is to start a  blog for us writers. I can only imagine what is to unfold from this as I let loose.
Peace & Art


  1. Hooray for today and the startup of your blog! I am a follow of it now 8:) and posted a comment for you.

    Visit mine and post a comment there, please, to see how that works. Then you can see if you can find a couple classmates' blogs to visit and follow and comment. Kind of a way to get "out there" in a wider writing community.

    I would love for our folks to use their blogs as a sort of writer's journal--vent, brag, witness your process as you go about your writing--don't post your actual outcome, but just the story (brief or long) of your actions/feelings, etc., as you go about your writing journey.

    onward 8:)

  2. Time to create, i like the concept. :) Hopefully this blog helps us process our thoughts in a different way. :)

    - S

  3. Yes, Sarah, that is what I am aiming for, too *:)


  4. Hey Esther

    Somethin happened to my comment yesterday lol. So here I am again.

  5. Hi Julie,

    Well, here we are in blogger's land. I am hoping to use the one I created last semester. Here is the address if, its still working.

    Same URL-MissO

  6. Yay! Good to see you online! Keep it up - blogging is actually kinda fun; I can't wait to see what you do with it! ;)